Thursday, 3 May 2012

boring ny class Lab Math nie !!

adehhh2 !! class break for 10 minutes .. this class was very boring .. even it about math but s0o bored .. my friend, Dyg, can count how many times she "menguap" .. fell so sleepy .. the lecture who teach us also boring .. urmm she give us example but she also give us the answer .. the way she teach us very fast .. t0o fast .. until i can't write the solution .. cehh !! if i got remote control like tv, i want to slow her .. too fast maa !! i can't catch up what she teach us .. if Chinese student can la .. they all clever .. not like us .. every student was different ma ..

time class siap snap2 pic lg .. haha
 baik x kmi org .. hahaha k la .. nk main2 ngn number jap .. hahah bljar  jgk la walau pn x phm .. daaa !! c ya again !!

(sorry if my English fail .. newbie maa !!) ^_^